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  • Friday, 12 July 2024

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing


So you are idle and basically want to make some passive income. Alternatively, you may just want to make extra cash to top up the one you presently derive from your full-time employment. Regardless of what exactly you are up to, I am glad that you have come to my blog site.

My goal here is to let you know how to earn by affiliate marketing. In the discussions below, I shall seek to set the record straight concerning some of the key issues to do with affiliate marketing.

Core examples of these are what affiliate marketing is, how to works, the steps to take to venture into it, and answers to some of the frequently asked questions with regards to this subject matter.


Affiliate marketing is a way of earning money typically by promoting the products of companies. In this arrangement, the company concerned taps you as its marketer and shares its profits with you for every sale that is made through your efforts. This profit is called commission and it largely depends on the revenue you bring in via your marketing efforts.


This form of marketing basically entails the use of third parties to sell or promote the products of a firm. The firm whose products are to be promoted gives a third party marketer, called an affiliate, a special link. He, the merchant, places this link on his site or blog.

Thereafter, the merchant promotes this link to many people who associate with him or pay his site a visit. Each time a guest clicks the link or places an order, the marketer is entitled to a portion of the revenue that flows to the company whose products are being promoted.


Looking to earn by affiliate marketing? You now have to follow the steps below to bring this act to fruition:

Step I: Determine the necessary platform to use

There are many platforms via which you may carry out affiliate marketing. Common examples are Amazon, eBay, YouTube, and blog posts. The platform you pick for the job has to be simple for you to master and follow. Also, you have to assess your revenue expectations and the cost of entry.

Step II: Select your niche

Upon choosing your platform of choice, you now have to go ahead and narrow it to your preferred niche. The niche is the specific digital or physicalproducts that you intend to sell or promote. You have to choose that which mirrors your unique strengths and passions. Common examples of these digital products are:

•    Courses
•    E-books
•    Photography
•    Music
•    Web elements
•    Research and data
•    Tutorials and guides
•    Software programs

Step III: Narrow to a specific affiliate program

Within each niche are some affiliate programs. These are specific marketing avenues that aid the affiliates in selling their goods. They are bundled in three mainly depending on the volumes of merchandise, the price per commodity, and the longevity of the products. Weigh your strength appropriately before enrolling in one.

Step IV: Generate great contents

You are not the only one in the program. There are thousands and sometimes hundreds of thousands of other marketers who are competing for the same clients. You want to stand out of the crowd. This is only possible if you generate fresh content and engage the audience appropriately.

Step V: Attract plenty of traffic to your affiliate site

It is not enough to engage your audience. You want to attract plenty of traffic to your site as much as possible. This is the only way in which you shall evoke responses and possibly make sales conversions. Some of the common ways to do this are via paid traffic, search engine optimization tools, and the use of email lists.

Step VI: Make sales conversions

Upon receiving the clicks, you now have to convert them to sales. This may require that you go out of the way to persuade the would-be purchases to buy your merchandise. Remember, it is the sales revenue that you rake in that determines whether or how much commission you are likely to obtain.


I now wrap this subject up by answering some of the frequently asked questions with regards to this matter of how to earn by affiliate marketing:

Q1. How much money can you make as an affiliate marketer?

A. There is no universal amount of money that these marketers earn as the returns are largely dependent on the niches, products, and geographical locales of operations. It is not uncommon though for full-time affiliates to make $50,000 per annum.

Q2. Is affiliate marketing easy?

A. It is easy to enter and start out as it requires limited startup capital, hardly any dedicated office, or long-running expenses. However, the level of income you may earn depends mainly on the effort you chip in. It hence requires in-depth dedication to be able to yield forth any fruits.

Q3. What is the highest paying affiliate program?

A. As of 2021, the following are the leading highest paying affiliate programs:

•    Bluehost
•    Hostinger
•    Cloudways
•    HostGator
•    GreenGeeks
•    WP Engine
•    Liquid Web
•    Sendinblue

Q4. Do affiliate marketers pay taxes?

A. YES, they do! Any amount of money that is generated via these programs is concerned to be personal income that is taxable. You may have to fill Form 1120 to be able to declare the income that is taxable. Obtain the form from the IRS.

Q5. Does it cost money to start affiliate marketing?

A. NOT really! Unlike traditional businesses, affiliate marketing requires a very minimal amount of startup capital. Many of them as a matter of fact do not even charge entry fees. All you have to acquire thus, is the technical know-how and some affiliate programs.


I am now confident that you have a rough knowledge of how to earn by affiliate marketing. How about you going ahead to implement the insight you have generously received from me? Do you need further guidance or support to get started? Follow this link to access my two other blogs for physical and digital products you may start out with.

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