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cryptocurrency ad networks

cryptocurrency ad networks

Best Crypto Ad Networks:

Nowadays, it's very competitive for the Crypto Ad Networks to grow itself as social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn has banned all ads, banners, products, and services promoting cryptocurrency.

So, it’s an honest idea to seem at the Crypto Advertising networks targeting the crypto audience. Because using those Ad Networks, you'll reach your Crypto Targeted traffic at cheap rates. There are many Crypto News websites and blogs that have many traffic.

Peoples come to those sites a day to read crypto news and updates. Crypto Ad Networks are partnered with those famous websites and assist you place your Ads on famous sites to assist you get targetted traffic. Using those Ad Networks, you'll easily promote your products and services ahead of crypto users.

A Gateway to Access the simplest Crypto Ad Networks 2020:

From 2017 to 2018, Crypto ad networks benefited tons from the people that have invested through those networks and successfully made great wealth that's the rationale for his or her interest.

Because most of the large platforms are still banning the ads associated with cryptocurrency as they consider it a source of cash laundering, they need banned the ads and banners that promote the initial Coin offerings (ICOs) and crypto companies.

This gape has been crammed with Crypto Ad networks’ help that focuses mainly on promoting products and services associated with Crypto Ad Companies. Still, some particular Top Crypto Ad networks have made an enormous investment and have the facility to bypass these bans by rephrasing the ads.

The reason for rephrasing is that these networks have struggled to take care of the strict policies to urge approval from the large websites and platforms.
Top Crypto Ad Networks that you simply must use for Promotion:

There is an inventory of useful and best Crypto Ad networks which will help the publishers and advertisers promote their business. a number of the Networks also are the simplest Ad Networks for little Publishers.

No Matter, albeit you've got very small targeted crypto Traffic, you'll monetize your website with these Ad Networks and earn bitcoin from your blog or website.

Most of the Networks are supported the value per click model. you'll find more Best CPC Ad Networks that you simply can use to monetize your website.

These networks are the simplest source for growing traffic towards the web site because it delivers targeted traffic to your website and saves you time. during this way, by interacting with the important people that are really curious about viewing and buying your product.


1- Ad Dragon – The world’s first DeFi Ad Platform:

Ad Dragon is launched recently in 2019. So it's a fresh Crypto ad network. It doesn’t affect the ad exchange but supports online ad marketing. it's completely different from other Crypto Ad networks. it's the world’s first DeFi advertising platform that has grown to be the world’s top online marketplace for advertising services during a short period of your time .

Due to its unique features, the platform is that the best alternative to Google Adsense or Coinzilla. The platform aims to completely change the web industry and achieve the goal; they need introduced a replacement marketing model; peer-to-peer advertising via a web marketplace. Moreover, to form things easier for the purchasers , they use cutting-edge blockchain technology.

Ad Dragon may be a peer-to-peer advertising marketplace a bit like Amazon or eBay. Still, the difference is that in situ of selling physical products, Ad Dragon sells advertisements from independent media, content creators, and influencers who join the platform as advertisers (publishers).

For advertisers, the platform provides an outstanding ecosystem for getting huge ROI (Return of Interest), plus they emphasize giving the simplest results by bridging the gap between advertisers and publishers. They act as intermediaries between buyers and sellers and make the entire process safer and transparent.

By joining Ad Dragon, publishers also can get a good range of advantages , including instant and automatic crypto payments, publishers’ control over prices, and solutions to varied marketing problems. you'll be surprised to understand that the platform keeps only 5% commission on publisher’s earnings, whiles the remaining 95% is for publishers themselves.

Payment Details:

Email: [email protected]
Commission Type: CPM (Cost-Per-Millie)
Minimum Payout Threshold: $50
Payment Frequency: Net30, Monthly
Payment Method: Ethereum.

2- BitMedia.io – The #1 Crypto Ad Network:

BitMedia is a billboard Networking company established in 2015 and has been really popular ever since it had been founded. Its fame is due to all the advantages and features that it's providing to its advertisers and publishers.

It comes as no surprise that this crypto ad network is racking quite 1 billion impressions monthly along side quite 20 million unique visits. the web site is currently running quite 20 thousand ad campaigns providing the all-in-one solution to all or any of its users. it's an excellent feature of a complicated algorithm that uses AI to point out the ads to the related users.

It highly supports both CPC and CPM campaigns and provides you quality traffic by connecting you with real people. it's currently handling quite 5000 Crypto related websites having the potential to bring quite 1 Billion Impressions.

Benefits of Using BitMedia:

Instant Payouts.
Fastest Growing Market.
Up to 10% Commission Share in their Referral Program.
Multiple Ad formats.
Availability of support team 24/7.
along side many others.

Payment Details:

They also provide flexible models for pricing.
Availability of using Bitcoin as a payment method for all transactions.
For publishers, the minimum amount of withdrawal is 0.001 BTC.

3 – CoinZilla – Best Crypto Ad Network:

Coinzilla is that the best and Popular Crypto Ad Network, launched in 2016, so it's relatively new compared to other advertising networks. it's a neighborhood of the AdSelvo advertising industry that has been created mainly for the promotion of the Crypto market by providing it with an entire list of advertising solutions.

This is one among the simplest Crypto Ad Network for Advertisers. It deals with CPC and CPM advertising,g which provides various ad formats, banner ads, standard banners, floating banners, native ads, etc. Coinzilla has promoted over 200 brands until it's been released now and supporting quite 400 publishers and advertisers to monetize their networks online.

It targets only those websites and CEOs from where targeted traffic is predicted . Your website must be professional and attractive to draw in variety audience. Besides this, it should be approved from the Coinzilla network with an email verification code’s help.

This network would reject an internet site without a website of three months. So your website must be older than 3 months to hitch the Coinzilla Crypto Ad Network. Its performance won the guts of the audience, because it helps them increase their engagement with the important people and income stream, which is why people consider it trustworthy to take a position .
Payment Details:

Coinzilla is punctual in making payments to the publishers on time.
It allows a minimum deposit of €5000 (Wire payment), 0.05 bitcoins, and 0.5 Ethereum payment.
if you area member of a referral program, so you'll get €50 for the deposits
Coinzilla supports deposits and payments in Swift Bank, mastercard , BTC, ETH, and Webmoney.
It allows you a period of seven days, after this era they will withdraw their money.
the web site must be user-friendly, with the feature of excellent loading speed.

4- Adshares – Transforming Advertising Ecosystem:

Adshares starts with a really small scale but much experienced and specialized in blockchain’s solution. The Adshares is predicated on the blockchain advertising network, and this network allows direct deals to publishers and advertisers.

It provides an excellent platform for the publishers and advertisers to directly link with the purchasers with none third party. Adshares offer clear, low-cost, and censorship-free advertising to the users. Adshares safe ADS blockchain has the potential to process over 1 million transfers per second, which makes it possible for it to serve the international advertising market.

Adshares is additionally referred to as one among the foremost advanced projects. It helps to unravel different problems within the digital advertising market. Its focus is especially on the advertising ecosystem,m which suggests advertisers and publishers share the ads and pay through cryptocurrencies. Adshares can help publishers monetize their Adblock traffic,c, in order that is why Adshares is that the best Ad Network for publishers to earn extra money .

The best thing is Adshares Ads only works whenever any users activate Adblocker. It allows their publishers to earn instantly and receive payments every hour. you'll watch this Video to find out More About Adshares and the way it works.
Payment Details:

Eliminating intermediaries from the advertising ecosystem gives both the advertiser and therefore the publisher many clear benefits. Combined with some unique features, Adshares offers a really interesting set of benefits over traditional digital advertising systems:

Significantly lower fees (no middlemen = open ecosystem during which publishers and advertisers can make direct deals meaning lower commissions)
Decentralization of ad servers and innovation in ad delivery serves to attenuate the likelihood of ad blocking
Almost instant payments, transfers from advertisers to publishers are made automatically every hour
Transparency and increased freedom, no middlemen who can censor or block content. The publisher is that the one who decides what content are often displayed on their website
Newmarket structure, Real-Time Settlement as a replacement for sophisticated and expensive Real-Time
Availability for little advertisers — no need for significant funds to hitch the network.

5- A-Ads.com – Bitcoin Advertising Network

A-ADS is one among the primary crypto advertising networks on the market; it exists since 2011 and maintains an ideal business reputation since then. Currently, A-ADS is extremely popular – you'll see in open and clear statistics that they gain around 80 million impressions per day. Their core proficiency is crypto traffic and advertising of crypto-related projects.

If you've got a crypto-gambling, exchange, or ICO of any sort, you’ll probably choose A-ADS. A-ADS network is convenient for advertisers. Campaign creation is sort of simple, and therefore the approval process is fast. There are various options to regulate campaigns for the simplest performance: you'll use geo-targeting, filter undesired sites, adjust maximum CPM for a campaign, and so on. A-ADS may be a great choice for publishers too.

It is practical for bloggers, for old sites with big traffic also as for brand spanking new and little ones. albeit you own a faucet or a blog on Blogspot and have human traffic, you're welcome to hitch the A-ADS network. one among their distinctive features is that a site doesn’t need approval to hitch .

They offer plain HTML iframes as banners, they don’t install any javascript code pieces into your site, and that they don’t track your site visitors’ behavior. The banners are lightweight and visually pleasant, in order that they won’t irritate your visitors and readers. The professional helpdesk team is usually able to help with any difficulties, they respond really prompt, and responses are helpful. Live chat is out there on demand.
Payment Details:

Paying system is predicated on a daily budget: advertiser pays a particular sum each day and receive a proportional amount of traffic;
They also offer advertisers CPM bids and CPA;
there's no minimum daily budget; you'll run a campaign with absolutely any sum;
They accept payments in additional crypto-currencies than the other ad network: Bitcoin, Ripple, Qtum, Tether, NEO, Bitcoin Gold, Ethereum Classic, Tron, Verge, BitTorrent, GameCredits, DigiByte, Komodo, Zcoin, Ravencoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Zcash, BitcoinDiamond, Horizen, PIVX, Stratis, Vertcoin;
Payout method: Bitcoin;
Payment Frequency: automatic, daily;
Minimum payout for publishers: 1 satoshi to Faucethub.io or 0.001 Bitcoin on to bitcoin address

6. AdEx: Crypto Advertising Network:

AdEx is an efficient digital chain-based advertising network that focuses mainly on the issues affecting advertising campaigns’ performance. It helps the publishers in solving out those issues with the assistance of serious tools, thus smooths its way of progress.

It deals with advertising frauds, privacy, consent to receive sponsored texts, etc. it's an enormous network having highly professional publishers.

No commission and no fees
It allows 100% monetization of traffic.
it's supported Entherum.
Gives accurate and exact reports

7. Mellow Ads – Best bitcoin Advertising Network:

Mellow Ads Another famous name within the Cryptocurrency advertising networks is Mellow ads, which was established in 2015 but has gained an enormous name during a short time. it's many great features:

it's very choosy in terms of publishers, approve only those websites having Alexa ranking 100,000 and a minimum of 3 months of website history
It allows banner and pop-up advertisements at an extended level
It deals with CPM and CPC models
Being a referral program member, you'll earn 50% of the commission for a replacement referral added to the network.


Mellows Ads network allows payment in bitcoins and cryptocurrency.
they supply you a commission of 10% for ad campaigning through the automated payment system.

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